picture of Guillermo, owner of Concord's best network security teamBusiness network security is an integral part of your business. We can help you enforce security on your data and information systems. Our knowledge about security has made it possible to massively increase our client portfolio. If you run a business, we would love to hear about your security needs and help you.

Like we do with all our clients, our security consultants will perform penetration testing on your system. This means hacking your system to identify vulnerabilities. With an authorized cyber-attack, we can evaluate the security of your system and provide guidance on the best security mechanisms that meet your needs. Call (707) 205-3727 for assistance with protecting your network.

Cyber Security Services

Our security services comprise of managed firewall which entails application control and web content filtering. You will have the power to block features and allow access to specific people. By limiting the use of certain applications, you can increase employee productivity. You can also block access to malicious content that might put your system at risk.

We give you an all rounded security service that covers all aspects of your business. It’s a comprehensive plan that starts with a consultation, installation, and maintenance. Our methodology covers all types of electronic theft, intrusion, and hacking targeted on your system.

Instead of going for a reactive solution where we respond to emergencies, we work on providing a proactive solution to all our clients. This entails safeguarding your current system from breach and protection from future incidents.

With our wide range of services, you can: secure your perimeter and safeguard your network. Starting from your data to internal assets. We take time to perform a thorough investigation of your infrastructure to make sure we don’t leave anything to chance.

The Best Network Security Team in IT

Picture of us working on some network securityYour business digitally transmits a lot of critical data every day. Our approach is to have our expert’s think like a hacker. By using this approach we have been able to help many clients protect their network from external attacks.

We are based in the bay, and believe ourselves to be the best in the North Bay. We want all our clients to have the opportunity to succeed. With this in mind, we have made our services affordable so that more people can have access to custom IT solutions. Our technicians will help you enforce a reliable security infrastructure.

By combining intelligence, competence, and analytics, we are capable of mitigating any cyber threats that might affect your business. While you concentrate on building your brand, let our team of professionals defend your infrastructure.

We would like to discuss your security needs and help you get a reliable security management plan. Contact us today at (707) 205-3727.