Managed Technology Solutions, also known as ManagedTEK – IT Security Services & Monitoring, is a managed service provider that provides IT support and security solutions for businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, we provide fully managed outsourced IT services or will co-source with your internal IT staff. ManagedTEK’s goal is to create a plan specifically focused on each business that we serve.

Founded on an urgency to empower and protect our community from the digital war on personal security and privacy ManagedTEK, was officially established. We focus and specialize in protecting businesses from falling victim to increasingly complex threats. We use cutting edge technology along with proven cyber security practices to provide support for small businesses. We offer Dark Web Monitoring to identify exposed credentials and alert our customers before hackers can do harm. We also offer our Security Awareness Training platform in order to train employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks and other malicious activities targeting human vulnerability.

Not only are small and mid-sized businesses prime targets for cyber criminals, consumers are too. Most people don’t know that almost half of small businesses are attacked daily and most of those businesses don’t survive a cyber-attack. These attacks impact globally and if you’ve been paying attention, you already know that data breaches are a real threat. Cyber-attacks are growing in cost and size.

Attacks on networks may be inevitable, but proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data allows you to respond to a threat immediately to prevent a major breach. Change the way you view your business, and employee, security while you keep your business safe. Employee security strengthened through training.

Our mission is to provide each business with the following;

  1. To provide a suite of tools and services to the business community with a need to navigate safely in this vast digital world.
  2. To educate businesses on the threat landscape that they are dealing with, while informing them of well-established methods for mitigating threats.
  3. To establish a dialogue with our customers that results in the customer understanding the challenges faced by providing real time dated solutions regarding security and privacy.

Get touch with us today for your FREE Dark Web Scan, or FREE Security Audit. Or just give us a call at (707) 205-3727. Learn more about how you can protect your business. We will help you personally design a solution to meet your business need. Technology made simple.