TEK Security Suite

Tek Security Suite Workstation

  • Enterprise Virus Protection
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Security Updates

Tek Security Suite Mobile:

  • VPN
  • App Analyzer
  • OS Updates

Tek Security Suite On-Boarding:

  • Computer Cleanup
  • Tek Security Suite Installation
  • Training/Consultation

Small Business Support Package

Endpoint Protection Features:

  • Patch Management
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Spyware Cleanup
  • Virus Protection

IT Support Features:

  • Remote Business Hours Support
  • Break/Fix
  • On-site Support

Email Protection Features:

  • Virus Protection
  • Phishing Email Filter
  • Spam Filter
  • DLP and Compliance

Technology made simple

Why Choose Us?

ManagedTek is a locally owned small business nestled in the heart of north bay, Benicia, CA.

We are engineers with over 40 years of experience in building and maintaining IT solutions.

We established this business in order to address the overwhelming needs of small business here in the silicon valley region.

Our focus is small business service-desk and IT support. Providing cost-effective solutions for maintaining sound IT Security and improving and maintaining IT asset management.

Our passion is providing superior customer support to protect local community businesses from the ever gowning digital threat landscape.

We’ll be there when you need us!

Industry Recommendations

Advanced Workstation Security
Advanced Server Security
Advanced Network Security
Managed Backups
IT Support

Project Archives are necessary in this industry due to the size of files and having easy access to the archives to finish current projects. Architectural and Engineering Application support, AutoCAD, Rhino, Adobe Creative Cloud along with software licensing structure.

Small Business Owner
Advanced Workstation Security
Advanced Network Security
IT Support

As a business owner, I know the feeling of just wanting to focus in on your upcoming business rather than worrying about other needs like Cyber Security. Today’s technology climate most to all small business can operate with hosted business applications. And be able to store their data with providers like Google G-Suite and Office 365. Small business needs are usually desktop support and some application support.

IT Manager
Advanced Workstation Security
Advanced Server Security
Advanced Network Security
Managed Backups

IT Consulting is necessary for IT Managers. We do the heavy lifting for IT managers who can be focused on his staff doing the day to day support of managing users and vendors and not the security or infrastructure of the network. We are experienced in planning out large projects as well as putting the necessary security policies in place.



The Job will be done Right!”

When we realized we needed surveillance cameras on the exterior of our Police Association office we had Nick come out for an onsite survey. He provided great recommendations with better suggestions of things that we were lacking to keep our employees safe.

The peace of mind that we now have is unmeasurable. We’re now able to log in from our cell phones, desktops, and tablets while we’re away from the office or onsite to see live what is going on.

Managed Technology’s team never complained about the complexity or difficulty of this job. They figured out how to run internet cable through conduit onto our 28-foot walls and installed cameras on solid cement attached it to a new DVR system.  

We recently had an incident where we received a report of spray paint vandalism to a car. We rolled back the footage to the reported time allowing us to see when the car arrived it had already been damaged. We didn’t waste time or resources looking into the incident it was resolved simply and quickly.

If you’re trying to decide who to use for a network install, IT services we have had them do 3 different projects for the Association. Each time they got the job done right, came in on a budget all with courteous customer service.

“Personal Service, Good Value and Expertise”

As a new start up Cosmetology Academy we needed a company with advise as to the equipment we need, create our infrastructure and coordinate with the other contractors on site.

We decided on adding a sound system that was multichannel allowing each office to play different channels the transition was seamless. They installed a security cameras and a DVR Rack. We now have internet throughout our office. What we appreciate the most is the personalized service if we have a question or concern they answer our calls locally not from another country providing us one on one service. The ongoing managed service they provide keeps our systems running smoothly with no down time. I highly recommend a locally owner IT company that will take the time to understand our goals for today and our future growth and build it right at a reasonable price.

“Enterprise Solutions at a reasonable price”

Over the past 3 years Managed Technology Solutions has worked closely with me in building and maintaining my infrastructure at Hargreaves Associates Inc. I experienced time and time again a comfort knowing that the experience at Managed Technology Solutions was readily available and able to assist me in completing projects and resolving problems within my infrastructure. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient at the services provided. I constantly found myself getting robust solutions at a cost savings. I will continue to work with Managed Technology Solutions as a compliment to my tool box of IT skills.

“Secure knowing our business is protected from Virus and Malware”

Prior to having Managed Tech Solutions we experienced pop ups on our work stations and had multiple Malware issues. We didn’t realize the server we had was slow our computers were out dated and we had no backups. The dental field has several challenges from dental software, HIPAA and other healthcare regulations that we must adhere to daily. We appreciate the honest, price conscience recommendations for us to upgrade our hardware, adding layers of security to protect our data. The results are no down time allowing our team to be more productive. The team has maintained our security, and has exceeded our expectations.

Nothing can surpass the peace of mind we have knowing were secured from Virus, Malware and Ransomeware. The service and solutions that MTS has provided has been outstanding! I would definitely recommend to other dental/medical offices. We appreciate their work.

“Technology Built around core values”

Managed Technology Solutions has added tremendous value to our organization. The key service delivery we appreciate is their willingness to shape technology around our core values as a business. We love working with them!

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Computer Consulting, IT Services, Network and Server Security


Our company wears a lot of hats. We really help so many types of companies with so many types of things! We’ve installed security cameras for the Oakland Police Officers Association. We provide IT Support and services for some very large companies and some small family owned companies. We provide managed backups, server security, network security, computer consulting, and will even provide security audits. If you need data recovery, we can help with that too.

When you contact Managed Technology Solutions, you’re getting an IT company that has done it all and can confidently provide a solution for all types of tech projects or issues.

Our company knows how detrimental a security issue can be for a small business. We know this because we started out as one too! Having helped a lot of the small businesses in Concord, California, and then expanding all across the bay area, we’ve protected the little guys, and are currently serving many of the larger companies in the area too. We have packages to service both types and prices to match. Whether its individual workstation support on a monthly basis or protection for the entire companies servers and networks, give Managed Technology Solutions a call to find out how much it costs to get help now! (707) 205-3727 for a free estimate for your company!