What Are The 4 Types Of Data Recovery?

A data crash can result in data loss, which can be the loss of small files or for a large company causing them to lose money. There are many types of data recovery services that may be offered depending on the type of crash. Data recovery is often an easy process if done correctly but it’s important to know what you’re looking for before starting out. The four types of data recoveries include software, hardware, full disk, and incomplete file retrieval methods where they use different ways such as cleaning tools, head probes, and specialized read-write heads hardware.  Knowing which one you’ll need will guarantee an effective and efficient data recovery service by:

  • Getting back any type of data that was lost
  • Fast and affordable services with the best prices
  • Guaranteed results for all data repairs

What is a Software Data Recovery?

Software data recovery is the data recovery method for lost files from a hard drive or other storage devices that have crashed due to a virus attack, power outage, head crash, etc. Software data recovery can be done by downloading software onto your computer and running it on the corrupted data. The benefits of using this type of recovery are:

  • Software data recovery is a cost-effective solution for lost files
  • Faster than traditional methods
  • Works on viruses and data corruption
  • Guaranteed to work for any type of file with absolute success
  • Have peace of mind that your most valuable data is safe
  • Get back the files you lost without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated

What Are Some Examples of Hardware Data Recovery?Data Backup/Recovery, IT Security & Support, Virus Protection, Cyber Security Training, IT Support, Data Security, Cyber Security, Data backups, Computer security service in Walnut Creek, California

Hardware data retrieval is typically used in cases where hardware failure renders all stored data inaccessible. In this case, you’ll need to get an exact duplicate of your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) sent back to you with its data intact so that it can then be plugged into another working computer – accessing your information just as if nothing happened at all! Some common methods involve using specialized tools such as read-write heads, data probes, and cleaning tools.

  • Hardware data retrieval is done by professionals
  • Data retrieval services are vastly cost-effective for businesses in urgent need of data recovery.
  • Get your data back as fast and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption on your part

What is a Full Disk Data Recovery?

Full disk data recovery will recover all lost information on your computer after a complete system failure and might involve the replacement of bad sectors or restoring data from an external storage device such as CD/DVDs, USB sticks, or other data carriers. It can be used to restore data in case of total hard drive loss due to virus attack, power outage, etc., but also because of improper shutdown (due to static electricity), accidental deletion by users, or software errors that wipe out important files without warning.

  • Create an inventory of what was lost
  • Save time by being able to install the files without having to reformat the entire hard drive and reinstall every piece of software all over again
  • Takes less than a day in most instances, even with large hard drives
  • Access data faster because they are not on the damaged hardware

What is Incomplete File Retrieval Data Recovery?

Incomplete data retrieval data recovery will retrieve deleted files that have already been overwritten by new ones. If you have the ability to save your data on a separate storage device, then this is not necessary

  • Save your information from being overwritten
  • Retrieve deleted files that are no longer accessible
  • Restores a deleted file to its original state so it can be opened.

If you’re in a pinch, then the first thing to do is make sure your data is backed up. But if all of that has already been done and there’s still no luck getting your information back, don’t fret! Contact our team today if this sounds like something you’re struggling with so we can help get your data back in no time at all!

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