The jailbreak app store ‘Cydia’ has submitted a lawsuit against Apple, making anti-trust allegations. The unofficial app store requires a passage into the official iOS market, as well as “fair-play” assurances. This is yet another problem added on the same pile for Apple, after Epic Games, Spotify, Blix, and Tile. Cydia, “the original app store for the iOS platform,” is suing Apple, alleging anti-competitive behavior that pushes third-party stores outside the valuable ecosystem.

This is exactly what the ‘Coalition for App Fairness’ has been trying to achieve, with its members grown to 45 today. So, Cydia is joining the fight with a lawsuit submitted in the US District Court of California.

Cydia just joined the legal battle against Apple: “A new lawsuit brought by one of Apple’s oldest foes seeks to force the iPhone maker to allow alternatives to the App Store, the latest in a growing number of cases that aim to curb the tech giant’s power.”

— Jay Freeman (saurik) (@saurik) December 10, 2020

Cydia continued to this day, but the barred nature of the iOS prevented the tool from staying up to date, forced its creators to rely upon a lot of reverse-engineering and workarounds, and its community gradually waned.

The lawsuit accuses Apple’s monopolistic practices of that, as the company promoted its own App Store while shutting the door to any other app store. If the anti-trust lawsuit succeeds, Cydia will be allowed to work on all iPhones, no longer relying on jailbroken devices, as Apple will be obliged to welcome the tool in the official ecosystem by sharing the needful resources. Both have valid arguments so it’ll be interesting to hear the decision of the courts.

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