Business Solutions

Customer Support

We vie to give every single one of our customers the best customer support for IT services. We can help you remotely, on your property, or in emergency situations. We can handle small technical problems or breaches in large companies networks. Just give us a call to see how we can help. Our Help Desk support is based in Concord, California – Call (707) 205-3727


It’s important to work with other companies if you want to succeed as a business. We can help provide your company with tools that will help with your business to business needs. We provide Office 365 suite, Skype for Business, Sharepoint, and many other applications. Call today to find out. (707) 205-3727

Secured Backups

It’s more important today than ever to protect your data. Securing your employees and customers privacy is something you should take much priority with. We ensure that there are backups of your systems and files, and we can do it onsite and offsite for ultimate protection through end to end encryption technology.

Managed Email Security

We can help provide you with secure email servers. We host a cloud-based email that will protect your company’s in and out emails from hackers, phishers, and other cyber threats. We also block spam, malware, and more to secure your network and hold onto bandwidth

Managed Workstations and Servers

We remotely protect workstations. We provide a platform that solves problems better and more efficiently than on site IT technicians could. Give us a call to protect your business and keep standards up to date. Call (707) 205-3727 for us to help manage your servers and workstations for your company.