Business Solutions

Customer Support

Our goal is to provide high quality support to your IT needs. We provide services such as remote, on-site, and emergency support. Our focus is to provide a support model that best fits your business needs. When ever you need us, we are there!


We understand that your ability to collaborate is a huge part of the success of your business. We offer a suite of tools to assist your business’ collaboration needs! Our core offering is the Office 365 suite of services which includes tools like Skype for Business, SharePoint and many more!

Secured Backups

The need for data privacy and security is greater than ever! We make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can have data restored of your entire system or individual files. We secure this data with end to end encryption to hide your data from prying eyes while in transit, in the cloud, or on your local desktop using password-protected AES-256 encryption.

Managed Email Security

Our managed email security is a cloud based secure email gateway that filters your organizations inbound and outbound email to protect users from cyber threats and spam. We block malware, phishing, spear phishing, and spam emails at the perimeter of your network, before they consume any of your bandwidth.

Managed Workstations and Servers

At MTS we harness the power of remote monitoring to be able to remotely manage your systems. Our core services are patching, vulnerability management, inventory, network monitoring, automation, and documentation. We have a platform built to solve problems that mean the most to you which are delivering better service and efficiency to your systems. We create policy to automatically manage your environment and ensure all your systems are up to your business’ standards.