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Short Intro to Walnut Creek, California

Walnut Creek is a city in Contra Costa County, California, that is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city acts as a hub for Contra Costa County’s bordering cities, such as Concord.

The Bay Miwok or Bolbones Indians were the earliest known residents of what is now known as Walnut Creek. The Spanish conquistadors landed in 1772 and stayed until 1821, when Mexico declared independence from Spain.

As a result, Mexican rule was imposed on California. Four Mexican land concessions were given to private persons, including today’s Walnut Creek. Juana Sanchez de Pacheco received one of these land concessions, which measured 18,000 acres. Ygnacio and Ysidro Sibiran, her two grandchildren, were given the land. Ygnacio went on to construct the valley’s first roofed home in 1850.

The establishment of the South Pacific Railroad service in 1891 transformed the situation in Walnut Creek, as it did in many other inland California cities. By 1913, regular passenger and freight service between Oakland and Walnut Creek was in place. However, demand for train services gradually declined, and they were forced to close in 1934.

Walnut Creek and the adjacent 500 acres were founded as Contra Costa County’s ninth city in 1914. The City Council was first known as the City Board of Trustees, with Harry Spencer as its first president.


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Why is Walnut Creek famous?

Walnut Creek, dubbed the “Jewel of the East Bay,” attracts visitors and residents with a variety of facilities and benefits, including cultural attractions, outdoor activities, a booming economy, and a diversified culinary scene with over 100 restaurants.

Why is Walnut Creek named Walnut Creek?

The name “Walnut Stream” comes from the Spanish name for the land grant, Rancho Arroyo de las Nueces y Bolbones, which was named after the main watercourse, Arroyo de las Nueces, which translates to “walnut creek.”

Who founded Walnut Creek California?

California was acquired by the United States after the Mexican-American War, and it became a state in 1850. Because the intersection of Lafayette and Pacheco roads was where the first American immigrants built a town, the early American settlers named it “The Corners.” William Susher, who established a home on the bank of Walnut Creek, was one of the earliest American settlers. The location was also known as “Nuts Creek” by Americans.

Is Walnut Creek a good place to live?

Walnut Creek, in Contra Costa County, is one of California’s greatest locations to live. Walnut Creek residents enjoy a blend of urban and suburban living, with the majority of households owning their houses.

The city’s rapid expansion necessitated street upgrades. A $2 million street repair scheme resulted from the endeavor, which included the creation of both Broadway and California boulevards. The establishment of the Broadway Shopping Center in Contra Costa County led to a population increase in Walnut Creek. It doubled from 2,460 in 1950 to 9,903 in 1960.

In 1971, the city council established its first General Plan, expecting significant commercial and residential expansion.

Bay Area voters authorized the Bay Area Railroad Transit (BART) system in 1962. The Ygnacio Valley Road and I-680 intersection in Walnut Creek has a BART station (opened in 1973).

The city’s voters approved a $6.7 million bond issue in 1974, allowing it to purchase nearly 1,000 acres of open land for development. Walnut Creek now has more open space per capita than any other California city or community.

Walnut Creek’s commercial activity grew, and by 1985, the city had added roughly a million square feet of new office space. They took the place of a block of tiny post-World War II houses to the north of the BART station.

In February 1996, the city opened its own official website, following other towns and other departments that had already gone online.

Walnut Creek has a population of 64,173 people according to the 2010 US Census. Walnut Creek was named one of the greatest cities in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Walnut Creek is blessed to be home of some of the area’s most diverse and welcoming hiking spots your kids will love.  Here’s our short list of ones you should make time to check out:

  • Secret Valley Loop
  • Borges Ranch Loop
  • Sousa, Ridge Top, Camino Verde, and Ramsay Circle Loop
  • Kovar Trail to Ridge Top Trail Loop
  • Ridge Top Loop
  • Fossil Hill, Briones to Mt. Diablo, Ginder Gap, and Coral Spring Loop
  • Indian Creek Trail Loop
  • Costanoan and Hanna Grove Loop
  • Heather Farm Loop

All of these wonderful spots are located just a short distance from our location at 1990 North California Boulevard, 8th Floor in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!