Security Awareness Training

Small, medium, and large sized business are affected by data breaches. No one is exempt.

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95% of Security Breaches are actually because of human error

60% of SMB’s fall out of the market if their data has been breached in only 6 months

Security Training for Employees (ONLINE)

Overview of the Security Training

    • How to use various types of multimedia with videos, tests, animations, and pictures
    • The online material will engage the trainees quickly
    • Online Training sent to your computers
    • Done in 1 hour!
    • Can pause, start, and stop anytime
    • 5 star employee feedback!

Topics of Security Training

          • What exactly is PII?
          • Protect your customer’s payment information
          • How to spot a phishing scam
          • What to listen for in a phone scam
          • What exactly is PII?
          • What kind of passwords are strongest?
          • The problems with public Wi-Fi
          • How to protect mobile devices and tablets
          • And much more!

Security Training Certificates and Reporting Data

For employees to finish and be provided with a certificate of completion of the security training, they will need to take and pass a security quiz with a score of 80% or higher. You can monitor and track the progress of the training and the quiz results for each employee.