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Risk Management Program

ManagedTEK takes pride in our Risk Management Program. This program will overlook a business’s value stream, find risk, prioritize assessment outcome, and then address the situation.

Gap Assessment

One of the main parts of the services ManagedTEK offers is Gap Assessment. Since we are considered a virtual CIO’, we set your company up with an all-inclusive security program to become fully compliant.

Incident Response

If an incident occurs the response has already begun. The quicker your company can respond to a threat, the better. Nothing is worth vulnerability. It’s never about if an incident occurs, it’s about when!

Application Assessment

If your company is involved in the building a application, it’s important to ensure that it’s secure during every part of the process. We help set up security programs that take care of the security at every age of the development of software. Mobile, web-based, and executable applications have ManagedTEK keep its security up!

Ethical Hacking

We provide hacking tests to determine just how protected your information is. We’ll dive into every facet of your company’s security, whether that be digital products or your network. Make sure nothing can hack into your systems, not even us.

Phishing Assessment

Phishing attacks are the most used, and the most successful method that a company’s security will be put to the test. Does your company have the capability to fend off an attack at a huge scale? If someone just clicks on one email, your entire company could be susceptible to an attack of ransomware and malware. We have programs set in place to help prevent these attacks on your company.

Vendor Audits

There aren’t many companies with as many vendors as companies in healthcare. They use computers, apps, medical technology, hardware, and other contractor’s systems to boost the experience of patients. Keep your patient’s information private to avoid lawsuits, give us a call to keep you safe.

Cloud Audit

It’s so important to have as many layers of security as necessary to protect applications while developing and during the deployment. Is your information protected? We’ll check for you.

If you need a security audit, give ManagedTEK a call at (707) 205-3727, or send us an email at

Attacks on networks may be inevitable, but proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data allows you to respond to a threat immediately to prevent a major breach.

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