Managed Backup Services

Managed Backups

It’s important to have your data backed up regularly. With what we provide with managed backups, the data that your company needs is auto backed up daily. It gets sent to another location off site that is secured. If you ever need it, it’s instantly available to you.

It’s important to back up data for a business. It can be detrimental if a business loses data if the business wants to have continuity.

With this service, all of your data, whether it be physical or in the cloud will be stored, protected, and backed up. If you are running with Windows, Mac, or Linux, it doesn’t matter, we can support it without anything in addition.

Where do you need it backed up to? We can provide the ability to backup on your devices or on our Managed Technology Solutions cloud, or both!

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Encrypt your data from both ends. You can encrypt it locally or externally and be sure that you are protected.

Your backups will be verified each time they are completed with our verification by screenshot technology. They can also boot up a backup on the local devices. We will also provide visual proof of the login pages that the data has been backed up. We’ll also provide insurance that the important applications involved boot up too.


Even though it might be obvious to the reader reading this, local IT support staff will pull their hair out when an employee opens a random email containing a file that attacks the workstation with ransomware. The now compromised PC will often encrypt files on the computer and ask for money (ransom) for the “key” to get the system back. When it becomes horribly detrimental to a business is when the threat moves across the company’s network and damages other PC’s and machines.

Some people in this state may pay off the ransom, but it won’t always provide you with a solution. The most sure-fire way to get a resolution regarding the ransomware attack is “roll back” the systems that are affected, and tricks the systems into believing nothing ever happened. That’s where the “point-in-time” technology roll back is made for. Point-in-time technology provides recovery for those stuck in these situations. Just a few clicks and the ransomware attack never happened.

Keep money in your pocket and hair on your head and get protection and support today. Contact our Concord, California based IT support staff today by calling (707) 205-3727 or filling out our quote form.