Security For Your Workstations

Patch Management:

The software for patch management gives the user the ability to check the status update of entire responsibility in real time. This would include all types of network devices, whether they are on or off. Patch deployment, often complex, will be simply addressed as well as automated software maintenance across your platforms due to policies powering Software Management. Call (707) 205-3727.

Concord IT Support

This is a picture of cyber security in action

Advanced Endpoint Protection:

Content Filtering

Do you need to keep your users on your guest WiFi safe against incoming cyber attacks? We have something super quick and easier to set up for you that is completely secure and based in the cloud, and its a tough service against these attacks.

Your DNS connections over WiFi can be vulnerable to threats, protect it at the domain layer before your guests and/or customers are attacked too.

Don’t allow any unwanted websites that may be malicious, filter the adult, shopping, streaming, gambling, and phishing websites. Keep your business reputation safe and those devices that secure to your network.

Prevent malicious incoming traffic

This will provide 6 to 10 million malicious IP Addresses and allow it to prevent unwanted traffic.


Your solution will catch progressive phishing attacks that could possibly reveal your users to loss of data to openings in your system.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Your network security will work stronger and can react much better. Costs can be controlled and the rest of your team will be better suited through SIEMphonic, another security solution that is co-managed.

All in one solution:

Get ready to have the technology that you need to know in advance to prevent, find, and respond to security problems. Call (707) 205-3727 for advanced workstation security.