Advanced Server Security | Managed Technology Solutions

Server Monitoring:

Any servers that we monitor are set up and watched over by a security operation center that is on 24/7. It will provide summary reports every day and we will provide active support for incidents that become a high priority for your company. Call (707) 205-3727 for help with your server security.

Man working with hologram technology for server security in Concord, California

Advance Endpoint Protection:

  • Want attacking vectors covered even when offline, we’ll set up automatic multi-layered prevention for you.
  • Artificial intelligence tech that not only will not rely on the signatures but also will not need to have updates or repeating scans daily or even weekly.
  • Alleviating your server and network from harmful activity which in effect will allow you more time and be less money spent on fixing infected devices.
  • Forensics will be provided because the simple act of blocking isn’t adequate. Customers just will need to know where a threat comes from and what was done to try to fix it.