Residential Solutions

PC Diagnostic

We focus on doing a detailed discovery of your system to find any sort of vulnerabilities in your systems hardware. With this diagnostic we can assess the areas of improvement for your system and create a plan to remediate those gaps.

Remote Support

Our goal is to provide the best customer support to you! We understand that at times you have issues that come up and we want to be here to ensure you have the support you need! We have a strong team that can support you remotely.

Content Filtering

The web is full of many different threats, many of these threats can come from your web browsing. Our content filtering system focuses on inspecting inbound and outbound traffic to ensure there are no malicious sites that you run into. We enforce web use policies that keep you secure default.


Nearly half of all consumers worldwide have been victims of cybercrime. We offer a complete protection from viruses and identity theft for all your devices, without slowing you down. Your system protection is our first priority.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is on the rise, and millions of users have fallen victim! With our ransomware protection solution we stop processes that are trying to encrypt your files or inject malicious code into your system. We fight back to keep your files safe.

Data Backups and Recovery

With our backup and recovery tool we backup what you want and ensure that in a case of theft, loss of device, or even a simple deletion we can bring your data back to your computer.

Device Setup

Have a new laptop? Mobile Device? We can get that device fully setup to our system and ensure you are protected!