Network Week in Review: COVID-19: Reshaping the Security Landscape.

Remote work has become the new normal and we all are still adjusting. While there remains uncertainty around how our future with COVID-19 will unfold, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This week we heard about hackers utilizing Google analytics to bypass web security and steal credit cards from infected e-commerce sites. In addition, your stolen, or lost, and the data is not backed up, you just lost it all. If you have a password on your laptop, it will slow the thief down; but what it doesn’t stop is someone removing the hard drive and connecting it to another computer to get access to all your files, passwords and e-mail –that’s not hard to do. Once the thief succeeds, any private data that is unencrypted is free for the taking.

Cyber-attacks are being attempted every 39 seconds; we all know that there is no silver bullet to cyber security.  The most effective strategies take a multi-layered approach. Unfortunately, the risks and threats to the protection, privacy and usability of that data are endless. You can always follow the 3-2-1 method for backups; a minimum of three unique copies of your data, two available locally and one off-site or in the cloud.

While most businesses understand the importance of backing up their server and files, many forget to back up their website! Most sites are hosted on a third-party platform like HostGater or WordPress. However, these hosts have limits on what they back up, and the Terms and Conditions you agreed to most likely waive their responsibility to preserve and back up your files and data.

Therefore, if you’re posting a lot of new content, you should be backing up your site weekly if not daily. Hackers can (and do!) corrupt websites all the time. If you don’t want to have the cost of a down website and the cost of rebuilding it, back up your website! Quite simply, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; so, make sure you’re engaging ManagedTEK to encrypt and back up your data, as well as put remote monitoring software on all mobile devices. Set a pin-code lock or password requirement to access a device after 10 minutes of inactivity and get into the habit of logging out of websites when you’re done using them.

In our weekly TEK Tips we talked about system patches and how they are a critical part of maintaining a healthy endpoint. Backing up your data is another essential part of maintenance. Your data is your digital lifeblood. Make sure to test your backups often for functionality and integrity. Whether you, or your company, now has a remote work environment or if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger, we do have a solution for you.