Professionally, and in our personal life, we as a world are realizing that risk management is everything. ManagedTEK is utilizing this time to continue to help our customers be as productive as possible while focusing on our goal of providing the most efficient tools to navigate safely in this immense digital world. We hope to establish a dialogue and understanding with our customers regarding the challenges faced by providing real time dated solutions regarding security and privacy, while learning how to work differently than we ever have before.

Cyber security and data privacy concerns have soared while the global workforce migrate from the office to home. Businesses are learning how to adopt new data collection, use, and disclosure practices to address the outbreak’s effect on the organization. Basic cyber security advice is to warn people not to share remote access for a variety of reasons, right? What about invites for full remote access to someone else’s computer? Malicious Remote Desktop server (RDP) compromising users computer, reversely, has made it to the news again.  Don’t fall for these scams and make sure to listen to our TEKTip focusing on the fraudulent practice of sending emails with the intention of gathering personal information such as account passwords, credit card information, medical records, etc. Training and testing can help to get most people up to speed quickly to defend against the dangers posed by emails, links, maps, PDFs, info graphics, and other infection vectors.

In our Phishing TEKTip video we give insight about email scams. In addition, we provide you with a 4 Step Process on how to recover if you happen to be a victim. If you are using email, you need to be aware of the potential danger behind it. Without the shielding environment of the office infrastructure people become more vulnerable to scams. Verizon reported  in its 2020 Mobile Security Index (MSI) that the number of businesses reporting a mobile-device related compromise rose 44% from its initial report in 2018. Following, we hear about Android’s exposure. Some of those cloud-hosted databases are said to “unknowingly” leak sensitive information on their users, including their email addresses, usernames, passwords, phone numbers, full names, chat messages and location data.

In addition, as society turns to healthcare organizations for help during this pandemic, so do hackers. Phishing attacks targeted at these professionals are on the rise while the HIPAA security rule has relaxed. We have provided our customers a customized telework/BYOD recommendation portfolio, and NIST, along with CISA, discuss the importance of security measures for the end-users’ homes.

No one can predict the future and as technology advances, we all need to stay afloat. Is your business future ready? Download our latest White Paper to see how businesses in your region held up against the continued rise of data breaches and cyber crime. Learn how to find out if your sensitive data is for sale on the Dark Web and what steps you can take to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

Here at ManagedTEK we strive to provide top security solutions. When in doubt, call the person who supposedly sent the e-mail on the phone to verify it’s legitimate. Of course, if you have an immediate IT need, you can always reach us at 707.205.3727. CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) encourages users and administrators to review the Microsoft Security Advisory and Microsoft Customer Guidance for CVE-2019-0708 and decide on the correct mitigation for your organization.

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