There was a time when unexpected events would shut down the world for days or even weeks. Not anymore. Technology has helped create options for people to stay connected through less than ideal conditions. Today’s new social reality, unfortunately, means new attack opportunities for hackers, who have already found ways to use the Coronavirus in scams and phishing attempts to steal your user names, passwords, credit card numbers, money and time. Below you will find four cyber security myths, that may shock you.

1. Myth: Cyber-attacks only come from external sources.
Reality: Upward of 60% of data breaches can be traced back to employee error. They may leave sensitive data on unsecured hardware rather than behind digital walls. They may open malicious files that copy and send data to an external location. Employee IT security training goes a long way to fix this.

2. Myth: Simple antivirus software or firewalls are enough to protect your business.
Reality: Cyber criminals use sophisticated tools to get what they want. The fewer security solutions you have in place, the easier it is. Antivirus software can’t do anything to stop a motivated hacker, and firewalls should never be considered a primary line of defense. Web scanning and malware detection software can give you more protection on top of these.

3. Myth: Your business is too small or niche to be a target.
Reality: Cyber criminals don’t care about the size or type of your business. They target everyone because they know they’ll eventually break through somewhere. Small businesses are more appealing because they often lack serious cyber security solutions.

4. Myth: You don’t collect payment or financial data, so you aren’t worth targeting.
Reality: They aren’t just looking for credit card details. They want usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses and other personal identifying information they may be able to use elsewhere because people have a bad habit of reusing passwords for other accounts, including online banking.

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