Microsoft has bumped up the maximum file size limit for the “365” services. It is now taken to 250 GB, covering the needs of those who work from home or engage in remote learning. A new age brings new requirements, and the situation is accelerating the upgrades that are practically possible. So, from the 100 GB that it was previously, it is now taken to a whopping 250 GB, which should be enough to accommodate most people’s needs today.

The new limit doesn’t only concern professionals. Even if you’re using OneDrive for personal purposes, uploading your entire family video album and share access with friends and relatives would now be entirely possible.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s post even mentions the example of a zip file containing a large PC, uploading it onto OneDrive to share it with your friends. We’re sure that Microsoft didn’t have piracy in mind when writing that down, but it definitely sounds like, well – normalizing the sharing of software, so to speak.

Data Security is just not about computers and servers anymore! In addition, data security is not just for the cyber attack, it’s for any data incident that could happen. Office 365 and Google G-Suite accounts get hacked all the time. These events result in backend rules that have been created by Threat Actors which can result in critical and highly sensitive information to be forwarded to hackers’ mailboxes.

Not understanding cloud providers exposures can put your business at risk. There are layers to security and federal law outlines it well. Protecting your personal information can help reduce your risk of identity theft. Don’t leave yourself wide open. If you’ve caught the news about security breaches recently, you know that protecting your business data from online threats is tougher and more critical than ever.

A security audit is key. Business network security is an integral part of you and your business. Want more tips? Follow us to learn more about IT security solutions and monitoring. We can help you design a solution to meet your need. Here at ManagedTEK we strive to provide top security solutions. If you have an immediate IT need, you can always reach us at 707.205.3727. ManagedTEK’s goal is to create a plan specifically focused on each business that we serve. Technology made simple.

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