Online cyber threats has become the biggest talking point today. A single security breach could lead to data loss, unplanned downtime, and damage to businesses, their client’s, and your personal reputation. Unfortunately, we live and work in a time when you can no longer be reactive to cyber threats. Practically everyone is connected to the Internet and relies on a network to function.

We talked about smishingwhale phishingspear phishing, and CEO fraud attacks during other topics. Even though the tactics may be altered, they all try to trick you into giving up personal information or login credentials. Before we talk about how you can build a formidable defense against email attacks, let’s take a look at the top cyberthreats that frequently make their way into your inbox and wreak havoc.

Ransomware can unleash extreme devastation, going beyond stealing data to shutting down an organization’s operations completely. Ransomware attacks on school systems around the country have grown exponentially, and that lesson was driven home for Baltimore County Public Schools last week. A ransomware attack forced the system to shut down completely for three days, disrupting online learning for K – 12 students.

In addition, ‘TransLink’ confirmed a ransomware attack via an official statement by its CEO, as the disruption in the operations of Vancouver’s public transportation agency is now evident. The attack happened on Tuesday this week, and people immediately had trouble using their Compass metro cards and buying tickets on the agency’s kiosks.

Statement from TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond:

— News from TransLink (@TransLinkNews) December 4, 2020

Moreover, a document that is allegedly the ransom note that is being spewed by the printers of the agency has appeared on Twitter today.

Ransom letter that’s been rolling off the printers at @TransLink and cyber security experts say that this is a sophisticated new type of ransomware attack… and many victims do pay.@GlobalBC

— Jordan Armstrong (@jarmstrongbc) December 4, 2020

As technology evolves cybersecurity will continue to play a crucial and integral role. Each technology and each application can succeed or fail based on how cybersecurity is built into the framework. Not all devices come with security built in or turned on. AND remember that there are layers to security, and it is up to YOU to take the extra steps. By deploying security updates, and critical updates to applications during maintenance windows, we make sure that all the computers have their third-party applications vulnerability free.

If everyone does their part – implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating vulnerable audiences or training employees – our interconnected world can be safer and more resilient for everyone.

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