Happy New Year! Let’s start this thing off right! The world may be settling down, but remote work phishing threats aren’t. Phishing is the biggest single cybersecurity problem that any business faces today.

For 2020 we saw exactly how a perfect storm of circumstances including the public’s desire for new information about COVID-19, a mountain of Dark Web data, the sudden shift to remote work, economic challenges, and inadequate remote security led to much cybercrime!

Unfortunately, we live and work in a time when you can no longer be reactive to cyber threats. Turn vulnerabilities into strengths. Overcoming these threats falls on proper training and education. Protect your endpoints and educate yourself, and your employees. Before connecting your next device to the network take a moment to learn about its security features and how to change its default passwords, and make access a bit more difficult for cyber-criminals.

Is your defense up to the test, or can it use a few updates?

Reassess your cybersecurity plan now to avoid headaches later. This handy checklist is the perfect place to start.