Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security:

Virus Protection:

Next-Gen virus protection exceeds performing signature-based detection while also incorporating oud based protection that has threat intelligence, resulting in the most up to date security and protection against malware and unwanted, or unsecure, applications.

Email Security:

Email security filters your organization’s inbound, and outbound, email. This filter protects users from cyber threats and spam. In today’s business environments 1 out of 9 emails have malware and
this is the cause of most ransomwares’ attacks.

Phishing emails are the cause of 90% of all cyber-attacks, delivering hidden malware that later is the cause of a security breach or ransomware attack.

DNS Security:

With a simple setup you can block malicious websites, phishing and botnet web sites, stop people from accessing porn or gambling sites, enforce “safe search,” and ensure a good web experience for your users.

Device Management:

Patch management:

Weekly operating system patches are a critical part of maintaining a healthy computer. ManagedTek releases all the security patch and critical updates weekly. This helps correct known vulnerability in the operating system and keeps the machines running safely.

Application Patches:

Like operating systems, third party applications have security vulnerabilities. By deploying security updates, and critical updates to applications during maintenance windows, we make sure that all the computers have their third-party applications vulnerability free.

Device Life Cycle:

We track all devices under our management while providing monthly reports on inventory, and warranty status. In addition, we can provide warranty renewals and custom reporting custom to client request.



We deploy a tool to monitor security events on devices, which allows us insight to troubleshooting security related issues on devices. In addition, we monitor managed devices 24 by 7.


While monitoring computer system events that are on servers, and other critical systems, we create system alerts during failures and respond to critical system outages.

Device Status:

While monitoring device status on critical systems, we continue to minimize any downtime while monitoring drive space and critical server system process.