Cybercriminals are one of the most significant threats in the modern-day. As we move more of our sensitive data online, hackers and interlopers are ever developing their abilities to take advantage of your essential information. It’s not enough today to only be aware of the cybersecurity threats – but to keep on top of their advanced criminal intentions.

Being mindful and informed of cybercriminals is the best method of preventing an attack. Arming yourself with knowledge about deterring a cybercriminal and their practice benefits your online health for the future to come. We’ve compiled a checklist to see if you are following the correct protocols.

Are you:

Storing your sensitive information such as passwords and PINs in secure locations?

Communicating important data with those only allowed to receive it?

Destroying or securing sensitive documents when they are no longer necessary?

Encrypting files that contain authorization information or safety protocols?

Keeping physical files that contain access data in secure, impenetrable locations?

Adhering to a Secure Use email policy?

Backing up and storing important files on a protected network or cloud?

Performing cybersecurity audits on your systems daily?

Keeping up to date with the most current information in cybersecurity?

Finally, the most integral aspect of cybersecurity – do you think before you click?

Anybody could create emails, landing pages, or websites that look real – yet gather your information as you input it into them. Are you checking links are for legitimate brands, or if any concerning attachments featuring malware?

It’s imperative to thoroughly read through your emails. You never know what may be lurking underneath the surface.

Cybercriminal activities are advancing at an exponential rate. The lines between cyber safety and malicious exposure are becoming blurred. Every day there are new reports of data breaches, hacking, and service disruptions. Cybersecurity Health Checks are becoming part of a daily routine at home and at the office.

Take the time to review your organization’s Information Security Policy and ensure that your assets are well-rounded with rewarding security measures. Assistance is available should you have any cybersecurity concerns. We have amassed a vast array of resources to help combat the growing threat of Cybercriminals.

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