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Endorsement by Cyber Security Liability

Made to protect particular exposures through first and third party. The Commercial package policy will be rounded out. Offered along with this endorsement another version of this policy with smaller limits and premiums.

Key Features:

  • Broadened definition of Technology Incident
  • Coverage available for Software Copyright Infringement and Product Recall Loss of Use
  • No exclusions for Delays or Failure to Deliver
  • Industry-leading coverage designed to address evolving regulatory, legal and cyber-security standards and built to consider future changes
  • Easy-to-read form:
    • Structure aligned with the flow of a typical incident
    • Presentation of Cyber Incident Response Expenses aligned with the typical flow of decision-making throughout an incident
  • Clearly labeled exclusions with competitive carve-backs
  • Payment Card Loss coverage built into the base form
  • Discovery-based coverage at a Control Group level
  • Includes enhanced Business Interruption and Extra Expense language
  • Broadened definition of Protected Information includes bio-metrics, internet browsing history and personally identifiable photos and videos
  • Extortion Expenses explicitly include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Coverage Territory applicable to anywhere in the universe to address continued evolution of hosting and data storage

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This product will cover various events of cyber-security costs like fees for attorneys, regulatory penalties and fines, notifications for customers, P.R. expenses, costs for computer forensics, and more.

Coverage for any claim by a third party, “Third Party” coverage. Coverage for lawsuits or another demand from damages due to a breach in security or privacy from the insured party’s computer system.

Employee Privacy Liability, if it is due to a claim from a breach of information.

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Pricing is contingent on the nature and scale of the business, scope of regular operation, size of staff and revenue levels. Will be endorsed and normally available for a business package policy that covers General Liability.

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