Cloud backup, also known to as online backup, is the storage of data in remote servers, compared to the usual local servers. Cloud storage companies render cloud backup services at a fee after a given period be it monthly or annually. In addition to this, a company can receive cloud storage services through vendors who have established a relationship with cloud storage companies.

Cloud Backup Services

To secure loads of data, Managed Technology Solutions offers cloud storage services in Concord, California. Our services come with full access to your data throughout with the latest safety measures to keep your data from any breach. Another problem concerning data is preventing a possible scenario of loss. We back up the information in several servers which may not be all situated in the same place. For more briefing on our cloud backup services, ring us on (707) 205-3727.

Why Establish Cloud Backups

this image is for cloud backupLatest data protection Having proved to be a reliable means of storing data, companies seek the newest data protection features provided by cloud storage providers. Making it a priority to secure the valuable data, companies would cash in to have it secure. For this reason, cloud storage providers will always keep an eye on the next big tool which will assist in giving quality services.


A company can focus on increasing the scale of their business. It carries out without the worry of how to keep their data safe from breaches. Depending on the agreement with the service provider, they might only take a small role.


Cloud backup services can constitute a full backup or a partial backup. A full backup entails full storage of data from the applications with an inclusion of the operating system. On the other hand, a partial backup gives partial storage to important files which the company wishes to have protected. Another great advantage, updates can be conducted often with cloud backups.

Cheap Costs

The money you would have spent in establishing your reliable backups is incomparable to having remote backups. Acquiring the hardware and software as you hire an IT support specialist can be very hectic especially if you stumble across a nagging issue. This backup intends more resources stored in it.

Implementation of Cloud Backups

this image shows cloud backup by managed technology solutions

Moving from the local backups to cloud backups is a naturally easy process. We can implement this by first setting up an account. This account is for the management console as the computer systems and servers link up to the cloud backups via the installation of a client.

In addition, the company needs to decide whether they entirely move to cloud backups or use it together with local backups. This backup is hybrid protection of data where there is the utilization of both backups. The company can also choose to increase backup accounts for more pathways for storage of data. Dial (707) 205-3727 to get started with cloud backups.