Virtual private network (VPN) technology is essential for securing the Internet safely, whether it be for work or pleasure. VPNs are one of the only ways you can have end-to-end safeguard encryption that keeps your information secure while browsing the Internet.

If you don’t currently use a VPN, you absolutely should. Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a specific VPN. The VPN market is growing fast. It reached $31 billion in 2021 and is slated to grow to $90 billion within the next six years. When choosing a VPN, you want to consider server locations, speed, security policy, whether the VPN has reliable encryption standards, device compatibility and so much more. Choosing a VPN should not be a half-second decision.

Take your time and do your research before deciding on a service. As you plan out your goals and resolutions to incorporate in 2022, don’t forget to include IT and tech goals as well. Not only will they save you money in the long run, but they will also grant you peace of mind. Make a plan, overcome any obstacles and don’t lose hope if it looks like you need more than a year to accomplish your goals.