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Weekly TEK Tip: If this type of alert pops up, DON’T click on it! Data Backup/Recovery, IT Security & Support, Virus Protection, Cyber Security Training, IT Support, Data Security, Cyber Security, Data backups, Computer security service in Walnut Creek, California

You’re working at your computer when all of the sudden – BAM! – you get a pop-up notification that your PC is infected with a virus and you must “click here” to run a scan or install antivirus software. This is a common scareware tactic used by hackers to get you to click and download a virus. (You should know we would NEVER deliver that type of pop-up to you!)

Often it will appear to be a system alert or a Microsoft operating system alert. Regardless of how legitimate it looks, NEVER click on the site or the pop-up.…

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TEK On The Street: Dark Web. Key Takeaways and Protection.

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TEKTip #6 Oops I clicked on Phishing Link

This week’s TEKTip gives more insight about email scams. Andrew talks about ManagedTEK’s 4 Step Process on how to recover if you happen to be a victim. If you are using email, you need to be aware of the potential danger behind it.

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TEKTip #5 Public WiFi is Dangerous

This week’s TEKTip focuses on the concerns challenges we face when using Public wi-fi in places like coffee shops, airports, and hotels. Join Andrew as he explains the best methods for ensuring the security and privacy of our information as we navigate this hectic world!

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TEKTip #4 Hate Software Updates?

This week’s TEKTip focuses on the importance of software updates so you can better secure your machine. Remember, it’s not just Anti-Virus that makes you safe. It’s taking care of your updates like these that are vital to your security. Learn your IT hygiene!

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TEKTip #3 The Annoying Adware

This week’s TEKTip focuses on software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material, (often unwanted) when a user is online. Andrew uncovers a few ways in which adware is distributed as well as strategies on how to get rid of adware!!

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TEKTip #2 Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams

This week’s TEKTip focuses on the fraudulent practice of sending emails with the intention of gathering personal information such as account passwords, credit card information, medical records, and much more! Listen to some of the tips Andrew gives on how to spot Phishing attempts. Don’t fall for it!

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TEKTip #1 Creating STRONG Passwords

This week’s TEKTip focuses on the use of strong passwords. Andrew discusses how strong passwords provide essential protection from financial fraud and identity theft. One of the most common ways that hackers break into computers is by guessing passwords. Simple and commonly used passwords enable intruders to easily gain access and control of a computing device.

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