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Elementary Schools in Benicia

Computer Security Service Near Me – City of Martinez, California 94553

About The City Of Martinez, California

Martinez is a city and the county seat of Contra Costa County, California. The population was 38, 290 at the 2020 census. Martinez’s downtown area has many preserved old buildings with antique shops that date back to its 1880s founding as an agricultural town in the heartland of wine country on north-central California’s Napa Valley frontier between San Francisco Bay Area cities such as Walnut Creek about 30 miles northeast across Highway 4 from Vallejo near Benicia State Marina where you can rent boats or fish off one side while enjoying views over the peninsula.…

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St. Dominic School

935 E 5th St, Benicia, CA 94510, United States

The Dominican sisters were instrumental in opening the newly built St. Dominic Parish School. It continues to thrive today, still under their guidance and with an emphasis on Catholic educational excellence that they have set since 1961 when this church was first established as a place for worshipers from all backgrounds who wanted only one thing: God’s word. 

    The school offers a strong sense of community and values of the individual student, striving to provide them with an experience that is both life-changing and empowering. This is a place where students can come together and learn about the Catholic faith as it is meant to be lived out through action that affects society for good. …

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Bonnell Elementary School

Bonnell Elementary School is a private school in Benicia, California. The school offers many programs to enrich students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Bonnell Elementary offers a strong academic program with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. The faculty also includes specialists like music teachers, physical therapists, and even two librarians. The school features high-tech classrooms that allow collaboration among students while still providing individualized instruction.

What Services Does Bonnell Elementary School Provide?

    Bonnell Elementary School is the perfect school for your children. For students, they offer a safe and secure environment to learn in.…

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Robert Semple Elementary

Robert Semple Elementary is a kindergarten through fifth-grade school with approximately 450 students. Built 50 years ago, it has been an integral part of Benicia for half a century and many parents attended SEMPLE when they were children themselves. Recently the boundaries have changed so that now includes most east end as well as the downtown area where there are plenty more kids who can share their love for learning at Robert Semple Elementary too.

Robert Semple Elementary School is committed to creating a learning environment that prepares its students for future careers.…

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Mary Farmar Elementary

Mary Farmar Elementary school is located in Benicia, CA. The population size and age range of the school suit it just right – not only does it offer many opportunities but also keeps things interesting with such variety available on each block you walk down or hallway/classroom exploring together as students learning about the world around us through books & inquiry-based lessons.

Mary Farmar Elementary School strives to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment in which all children will learn and prepare for the opportunity. They develop self-respect as well as sensitivity towards cultural diversities with an appreciation that every person has their way about themselves or themselves specifically rather than just being generalizations.…

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Joe Henderson Elementary

Joe Henderson Elementary was established in 1986 and officially opened its doors to students at the end of January 1987, making it the third school that was part of the Benicia Unified School District. Over time this school has been recognized for its work by California Distinguished Schools as well-being awarded, Gold Ribbon Candidates. Students past or present are proud of what has happened here because every single day they strive towards excellence.

    Joe Henderson Elementary School is a high-rated, public school located in Benicia, California. It has 564 students from grades K-5 with 26 students for every one teacher.…

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Matthew Turner Elementary

Matthew Turner was a true humanitarian who commissioned four new ships from his retirement fund to help rebuild San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and fire. The dolphin is symbolic of these qualities of speed, intelligence, and helpfulness that he valued in himself so it makes sense that they are what determines which animal would be most fitting as a mascot at Matthew Turners Elementary School.

    Matthew Turner School provides its students with a positive and safe learning environment where they are encouraged to achieve their highest potential, become contributing members in their community, be tolerant or respectful towards others while empowering themselves through knowledge. …

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How to Choose the Right Elementary School in Benicia?

Benicia is a waterside city in Solano County, California. It served as the capital of California for nearly thirteen months from 1853 to 1854 and its easy-going vibe will make you think that this place has been here since time immemorial. Choosing the right elementary school in Benicia is no easy task. There are so many schools with different philosophies, educational approaches, and teachers that it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re just now starting your search for a new school or have been trying to figure out which one’s best for your child then this post will help you get started.…

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