AWS Security provides cloud services to companies of varying financial capacities leading towards development. Most of the time, companies would have to upgrade their networks frequently as they became more established. These instances come with costs in rebuilding their IT structure to suit their requirements.

AWS Security has attracted more potential customers seeking AWS. Even though it is a highly trusted network security boost, companies also have a part to play. AWS guard the IT infrastructure with its large team of IT specialists. While the companies work on what they can control to avoid breaches. Managed Technology Solutions will offer your company AWS security services through our certified AWS Security specialists. Our firm establishes in Concord, California.

AWS Security Services

For both parties to work on their clear roles, Amazon gave clear guidelines on how a customer could get the best out of the AWS Security. They are comprehensive server support below as follows:

this image shows aws security

  • Emphasis on Firewalls – Normally, a company would install a single firewall for their various networks. For a more secure network, we encourage users to incorporate a virtual firewall on every system.
  • Close Supervision – Keeping close supervision on how the staff accesses the data and members who get access to certain information.
  • Conducting Security Audits – Businesses are to conduct security audits to shed some light on how the company is complying with their policies.
  • Protecting Sensitive Data – We encourage users to encrypt their most valuable data before transferring it to their AWS storage. In case of a breach, the data will not easily tamper.
  • Unused Accounts – Businesses are to get rid of unused accounts lingering in their systems. This item may serve as entry points by skilled hackers.

Our AWS Security experts have not only sat all the required tests to get certified but also ventured into the AWS specialties in the market. In addition to this, their sufficient training and experience have made them acquainted with all the AWS Security tools such as AWS SAF, CloudTrail, and Amazon Inspector. For clarification on our AWS Security services, call us today at (707) 205-3727.