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Network Week In Review: Hackers Are Stepping Up Their Game This Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived, and more Americans are turning to online shopping this year than ever before. The ongoing pandemic, combined with convenience, makes online shopping an obvious choice for most consumers.
Unfortunately, online shopping has been muddied with hackers and cyberthieves since its debut. There are still safe places on the Internet where we should feel comfortable to shop, though. If you are careful about where you spend your money or share your personal information, online shopping can feel just as safe as entering a store.
Here are our five best tips to ensure that your online holiday shopping is safe and secure. 

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Law Firm Cybersecurity 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

While most legal staff are not expected to be extremely tech savvy, there are some cybersecurity fundamentals that all lawyers should be aware of. From recognizing an email phishing scam to creating a strong password, understanding even the fundamentals can help your law firm avoid data breaches.

One fundamental cybersecurity tip is to understand what malware is, how it works, and the various types of malware that exist. And if you work in a law firm, you are almost certainly being targeted by malware. Law firms outnumber courts, prosecutor’s offices, and many other legal organizations in terms of being the target of a ransomware attack, with 61.36 percent of attacks on the legal industry specifically targeting firms.…

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5 Myths About Cybersecurity You Probably Still Believe

Today, cybersecurity is unquestionably one of the most important aspects of business all over the world. Companies are becoming more aware of its significance and have begun to invest in establishing procedures and practices. However, some businesses and individuals continue to believe in and fall for certain myths and misconceptions, putting their system and entire organization at risk.

Let’s take a look at the top five most common cybersecurity myths that you should stop believing right now:

Myth 1: It won’t happen to a small company

This is one of the most common and ridiculous excuses or myths that people believe in, and it needs to be debunked immediately.…

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Network Week In Review: A Flexible Partnership With IT Professionals

It’s hard to see how investing in your company’s IT services would be as incentivizing as other investments that might deliver a more tangible ROI. However, ensuring that your IT department has a competent team that’s up-to-date on the latest cyber security knowledge and has access to the latest software to allow them to do their jobs well is a sounder investment than you might think.

Investing in your IT services is a little like buckling your seat belt before you drive to work in the morning. You’re certainly not planning on getting in a crash that day, but you know that if you do, the seat belt will keep you safe, or at least mitigate the bodily damage the crash could cause.…

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Here A Phish, There A Phish.

The biggest threats to cybersecurity in your business aren’t faceless internet hackers. They’re the people that are already inside your business. The Ponemon report on insider threats brought some interesting data points to light as it explored this often-overlooked facet of cybersecurity.

A single security breach could lead to data loss, unplanned downtime, and damage to businesses, their client’s, and your personal reputation. Unfortunately, we live and work in a time when you can no longer be reactive to cyber threats. Practically everyone is connected to the Internet and relies on a network to function.

Before we talk about how you can build a formidable defense against email attacks, let’s take a look at the top cyberthreats that frequently make their way into your inbox and wreak havoc.…

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Network Week In Review: Questions To Ask Any IT “Expert” Before Letting Them Touch Your Network.

There are seemingly countless IT service providers to choose from these days, and it can be challenging to tell one from another. However, not all IT service providers are created equal. Some offer independent services, while others are part of larger firms. Some are new to the field, while others have been around for years. There are also companies that put out slick marketing to grab your attention but make it hard to tell if they really live up to the hype.

Well, we’re here to help you cut through the clutter. You want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and is going to take care of your business the right way.…

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Network Week In Review: How To Enable Remote Work Without Exposing Your Entire Business To Cybercriminals

A record number of businesses said goodbye to the traditional in-office work model in 2020. They embraced the remote work model as they adapted to the new COVID-19 reality. It was a huge shift that came with many challenges, and some of those challenges are still felt today.

One of those challenges was – and is – cyber security. Businesses wanted to get their remote workforce up and running, but there were a lot of questions about how they would keep their newly remote employees secure.

So, how can you enable remote work while keeping your business and your employees secure?…

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TEK On The Street: Chronicles Of The Infamous Phishing E-mail

Professionally, or personally, it can be easy to be currently overwhelmed by this current epidemic, but we are continuing to stay thankful and continue to move forward. That said, we’ve seen the adjustment of the transition from office to home ignite within just hours or a few short days.

Data Security is just not about computers and servers anymore! In addition, data security is not just for the cyber attack, it’s for any data incident that could happen. These events result in backend rules that have been created by Threat Actors which can result in critical and highly sensitive information to be forwarded to hackers’ mailboxes.…

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Network In Review: Research & Planning; Whaling Attacks

You might have heard of phishing and even spear phishing, but what about whaling? Despite the reference to nautical themes, they all refer to various types of cyber attacks that aim to hook you as the hapless fish. Whaling attacks can be particularly dangerous.

You might have heard of phishing and even spear phishing, but what about whaling? Despite these names’ nautical themes, they all refer to various types of cyber attacks that aim to hook you as the hapless fish.

Whaling attacks can be particularly dangerous. But before we get into what this is all about, you’ll need some background on the other types of online attacks that make up the main parts of whaling.…

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