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Passkeys: The Beginning Of The End Of Passwords

In May, Google began rolling out passkeys, calling them “the beginning of the end of the password.” Passwords have been with us since the mid-1960s, decades before computers became mainstream. But with more sophisticated cybercrime attacks, dated password technology does us more harm than good.

According to a survey by AllAboutCookies, 84% of people still use unsafe passwords (like birthdays and pet names), and over half of survey respondents admitted having five or fewer passwords for all their accounts. Sure, we could do better. But these stats are also a testament to how annoying and ineffective passwords are. Google and other major players in the industry believe that passkeys are the “key” to a simpler – and safer – future.…

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AI Wants To Help Us Shop: Are We Okay With That?

You’ve probably noticed the little elf helping you around retail stores this year. No, it’s not the teenager at the mall in red-and-white stockings and a felt green hat. It’s AI.

Log in to Amazon, and you’ll see suggested products like winter decorations, novels or toy recommendations for kids. Add that remote controlled car into your cart for your nephew, and you’ll get recommendations for batteries and gift wrapping, too. This is no accident – generative AI uses your past purchases and recent searches to curate this personalized display. At the end of your shopping affair, you can share your experience, which is data fodder for AI to learn and improve your next shopping venture.…

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What Your Map Timeline Knows About You

It’s 10 p.m. — do you know where your children are? Google probably does. Thanks to Google Maps’ Timeline feature, the tech company probably knows where your whole family has been – down to the GPS coordinates. The feature was first rolled out in 2015 on Android devices and two years later on Apple, but many people still don’t know how much information the app actually collects. Before you hit the road this holiday season, take a minute to review your privacy settings to see if the risk is worth the benefits.

What Google Map Timeline Can See

With Google Maps Timeline, you can go back to any day and see in detail where you were, when and for how long.…

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How To Safely Share Passwords With Employees

If you ask a security professional, you get by the book advice about sharing passwords: “Don’t share passwords.” But we know, in reality, that doesn’t work. Your office might be sharing a single password for apps like SurveyMonkey right now to save cash on buying additional users, and some social media accounts don’t even give you the option to have multiple log-ins. Sharing passwords in your office is sometimes necessary for collaboration, and the best way to do this is by using a password manager. Affordable (some platforms even offer free versions), layered with security and simple to use, password managers are the safest and easiest way to store and share your company’s private passwords.…

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Weekly TEK Tip: DO NOT Underestimate Spam & Phishing Scams.

Data Security is just not about computers and servers anymore! In addition, data security is not just for the cyber attack, it’s for any data incident that could happen. These events result in backend rules that have been created by hackers which can result in critical and highly sensitive information to be forwarded to hackers’ mailboxes.

Not understanding cloud providers exposures can put your business at risk. There are layers to security and federal law outlines it well. Don’t leave yourself wide open and DO NOT underestimate spam and phishing scams. These scams have been on the rise and it’s the perfect opportunity for hackers to send e-mails with dangerous malware and viruses.…

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Get The IT Help You Deserve: 5 Questions You Should Hear ‘Yes’ To

As a business owner, you likely carefully vet every employee you hire to work for your business. You inspect their résumé and ask detailed questions during their interview to ensure they are the best fit. This is critical to growing your business and making it as successful as possible, but you shouldn’t solely reserve this practice for potential new hires. You also need to carefully assess any third parties you work with, especially when it comes to your IT needs.

When most business owners attempt to hire an in-house IT team or an MSP, they let the third party’s representative or salesperson do most of the talking since they’re the experts in the field.…

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Back To School: Maximizing Learning Potential

Back-to-school season has finally arrived, and it won’t be long before our kids are back in the classroom, learning all sorts of different subjects. Although it’s an exciting time for our kids, this transition back to school is often difficult. Many of them enjoy summer more than any other time of year because they get more freedom to participate in their favorite activities. When school starts, they have additional responsibilities to keep up with to ensure future success.

As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s success, and there are some tech strategies you can use to help give them an advantage.…

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Give Your Business The Protection It Needs With Cyber Insurance

Being at risk for cyber-attacks is a growing concern among small-business owners. Cybercriminals often target small businesses because they hold sensitive information and have weaker security infrastructures than larger businesses. For this reason and more, it should be no surprise that 88% of small-business owners feel vulnerable to a cyber-attack, according to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

To protect your business and your customers, you must implement strong cyber security practices in your business. You need to run your employees through annual cyber security training so they know the newest cyberthreats and how to avoid putting the company at risk.…

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Data Security for Business 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

Anyone who owns or operates a business should be well aware of the importance of data security. However, all too often we see businesses that are not taking the necessary precautions to protect their data. In this article, we’ll go over all the basics you need to know about data security so that your business can stay safe and protected. From using strong passwords to encrypting your data, we’ll cover it all! So whether you’re just starting out with data security or you’re looking for ways to improve your existing protection measures, read on for some essential tips.

What Is Data Security For Business?

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