Weekly TEK Tip: 4 Ways To Keep Your Printer Secure 

When you think about devices that are at risk for cyber security attacks, you’re probably not thinking about your printer. But printers within businesses contain a surprising amount of data as they often save everything that has ever been printed on them. 

There are a few practices you can implement to make your printer secure.

  1. The first is to ensure that the operating system stays up-to date.
  2. Additionally, you should change the passwords and user PINs often.
  3. You can even utilize two-factor authentication on your printer for an added layer of security.
  4. Another option is to keep your printer on its own network.


The way we work is changing, so we must be prepared for whatever happens next. Implementing these steps will give you a starting point, but they aren’t the end point. Working with an experienced MSP to get the most out of your remote work approach is critical. Many businesses will not be returning to the traditional in-office model, so the more steps we take to secure our businesses and our remote teams, the better off we’ll all be.

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