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Network Week in Review: Why “Break-Fix” Works Entirely in the Consultant’s Favor, Not Yours.

Network Week in Review: Why “Break-Fix” Works Entirely in the Consultant’s Favor, Not Yours.

While technological evolution has brought us many great initiatives, it has also brought about an unprecedented rise in cyberthreats. ManagedTEK’s goal is to create a plan specifically focused on each business that we serve.

A question we often get is “Why do I need to be on a managed IT plan? Can’t I just pay you to come out and fix things when they’re broken?” While that’s a legitimate question if we were talking about your washing machine or car, that’s definitely NOT the right approach to a critical and dynamic IT system that your company depends on; you DEFINITELY don’t want to wait until something “breaks” before you try and fix a problem.…

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TEK On The Street: Go Ahead, Try Your Luck. There’s An App For That.

Google will allow gambling apps, casino games, and sports betting platforms on the Play Store. Ads for these apps will also be allowed, but their serving will be very strictly controlled. Until now, the Play Store has allowed content and services that facilitate online gambling apps in only a few countries worldwide, most notably France, Ireland, and the U.K. While Google also allows certain gambling apps in Brazil, the offerings are limited to those approved by Caixa Economica Federal, a government-owned financial institution.

The developers of these apps will have to acquire the relevant license in accordance with their country’s laws.…

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Network In Review: Breached

Ransomware is almost always the result of a successful phishing attack. It’s an expensive nightmare for any business.

A new tricky campaign is using well-crafted bank spoofing apps to convince users to “invest” in crypto. The victims source the app from outside the store and then share sensitive information with the actors. The investments go straight into the actors’ wallets, while victims are made to believe they’re holding the tokens.

The real bank worked closely with Zimperium to uncover this campaign while it is still at an early stage, so this publication is to raise awareness and close the income tap for the actors.…

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TEK On The Street: Chat Apps That Help You Stay in Touch With Your Friends via Texts, Calls & More!


One of the most popular Indian chat apps, Hike Messenger (now known as Hike Sticker Chat), has announced its abrupt shutdown. While some of its features will find their way to related apps, this practically means that many of you will need to start searching for the best Hike Messenger alternatives.


12/ Today we’re announcing that we will be sunsetting StickerChat in Jan’21.

We thank you all for giving us your trust. We wouldn’t be here without you ❤️

All your data will be available to download in the app. Your HikeMoji will continue to be available in both Vibe & Rush!

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Network In Review: Upgrade

Microsoft has bumped up the maximum file size limit for the “365” services. It is now taken to 250 GB, covering the needs of those who work from home or engage in remote learning. A new age brings new requirements, and the situation is accelerating the upgrades that are practically possible. So, from the 100 GB that it was previously, it is now taken to a whopping 250 GB, which should be enough to accommodate most people’s needs today.

The new limit doesn’t only concern professionals. Even if you’re using OneDrive for personal purposes, uploading your entire family video album and share access with friends and relatives would now be entirely possible.…

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TEK On The Street: Those Copy Cats!

Crooks are copying legitimate apps and lace them with “out-of-context” adware components. Users are having difficulty realizing which app is serving the intrusive ads. The apps have been removed from the Play Store, but only after 10 million people downloaded them. A team of researchers at ‘Satori Threat Intelligence’ has found 164 copycat Android apps that have a total of 10 million downloads on the Play Store. Google has already removed all of them following the relevant reports, but a large number of people may still be using them on their devices.

All of these apps mimic popular software projects like mobile AV tools or games, but in reality, they are just adware.…

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