Network In Review: Guess Who’s Hiring

Network In Review: Guess Who’s Hiring

Have you received the following call, or something similar?

“Your account has been compromised. Please call this number to reset your password.” 

In panic, you return the call to be met with an automated recording that asks for your like bank account numbers and/or other sensitive information. You’ve been vished and guess who is hiring!

Working remotely goes hand in hand with tech support scammers and vishing actors. The number of crooks calling people who are working from home is exploding right now. It’s the new description for the “Contract Employee.”

We talked about spear phishingsmishing and whale phishing previously.…

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TEK On The Street: Be Gone Error Code 27

We all are up on the latest video streaming and when paying the extra cash to keep the family happy is not bombproof, we have issues. Error Code 27 is becoming the universal language in more than a few households.

We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 27).

Whether it’s a glitch or the video is simply not yet available in your area remains to be seen. Fixing this particular error code may be possible by taking these few steps;

  • First of all, you need to make sure to run the title of the video in the search feature.
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Network In Review: EndPoint Security Best Practices

Consumers are doing most of their shopping online this year AND everyone is working remotely. Keeping those devices patched is even more challenging, but it’s more important than ever. The following best practices can help you create a secure remote environment for you and your business.

Enable (Virtual Private Network) VPN for remote endpoints

With more companies, and consumers, shifting to the remote environment due to the COVID-19 crisis, vulnerable endpoint devices can become easy points of entry for cybercriminals. Setup VPN on your remote endpoints to allow a secure link back to your secure office environment. You can use your endpoint management solution to deploy the VPN client, configure it, and once it’s all set up, you can monitor it and ensure that it is up and running.…

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Network In Review: Dark Web Sale, We Don’t Need Cyber Security Training

Many people have the misconception that their data is not valuable and that that, in turn, they are unlikely to be the target of a cyberattack. Whether you clicked on a link or the unsubscribe button in the email, you would have potentially opened the floodgates to the possibility of single or multiple cyberattacks that could hold you, or your business’ future hostage. According to ProofPoint’s Human Factor report, more than 99 percent of cyberattacks require human interaction to succeed.

CyberNews updated us on a hacker that is selling access to the networks of thousands of companies for over a million USD.…

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TEK On The Street: Project Zero And Apple

iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 land with 24 fixes, three of which concern zero-day flaws. Two of those flaws are on the kernel, leading to privilege and escalation and remote code execution. These key discoveries come  from researchers who may soon stop reporting them to Apple. iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 are out, and they are addressing a rich set of flaws on a wide range of components. Among them, there are three actively exploited zero-day flaws, which were discovered and reported to Apple by Google’s ‘Project Zero’ researchers.

Zero-days are vulnerabilities that have been discovered and exploited by hackers but not by anyone in the white-hat research community.…

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