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Network Week In Review: Why NOT Investing In IT Can Cost You BIG

Network Week In Review: Why NOT Investing In IT Can Cost You BIG

If you haven’t invested in IT security, then your business is at risk. These days, it’s easy to take technology for granted. It just seems like everything works so well. If things are working well, why spend more on things like data monitoring or secure cloud storage?

Here’s a startling fact: a lot of business owners take this approach to network security. They might think, “This will never happen to me,” when it comes to data breaches, malware and hacker attacks. While they might be great at running their businesses, they may end up skimping on their IT security.

In short, here’s two scenarios for why it can be so costly to NOT invest in IT security:

SCENARIO 1: Imagine you’re hit with a malware attack, and it takes your network out of commission.

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Don’t Do It. Don’t Be A Sitting Duck For Hackers.

Network Week in Review: Don’t Be A Sitting Duck For Hackers

With headlines full of cyber-attacks and security breaches victims, it is time to take the risks seriously. One of the most common scams today is the phishing scam. Cyber criminals can spoof e-mail addresses to trick people into thinking the message is legitimate. Scammers often use fake CEO or manager e-mails to get lower-level employees to open the message. Criminals will do anything to trick people into opening fraudulent e-mails.

Knowledge is power and a critical component of cyber readiness is having on-demand insight of anomalous activities, suspicious changes, potentially harmful misconfigurations or any other malicious activities occurring internally on your network.…

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Network Week In Review: Surviving My New Remote Life

In-person interaction is definitely missed, but personally, and professionally, remote work has become the new normal that we all are adjusting to. While there remains uncertainty around how our future with COVID-19 will unfold, innovation is a major key factor for survivors.

The adoption of more internet-enabled applications for communication, production, and storage has given rise to a more dynamic workforce that’s ready to do business anytime, anywhere, and all but eliminated the need for everyone to be in the same building, or even the same country, to get things done. There are currently more people doing EVERYTHING in remote locations.…

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Network Week In Review: Are These Top Insider Threats Lurking Behind Your Doors?

Many business owners – and the IT professionals they rely on – focus on protecting their companies from external threats – the lone hacker out for a large ransom, the industry competitor pilfering secrets, or organized cyber-criminals with sophisticate phishing schemes, etc. But what about internal threats?

Organizations sometimes fail to consider the true risks that insiders pose to their cyber-security. Yet, internal risks are every bit as dangerous and damaging as the external ones, even if there is not malicious intent.

To drive home the full harm of insider threats, we’ve compiled five actual case studies of internal actors who’ve wreaked financial and reputational damage when they got careless, or abused their knowledge and positions for personal gain.…

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Network Week In Review: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Network Week in Review: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

This week’s title is a constant reminder and a true statement that we can use in all aspects of our life. Unfortunately, no one is exempt. A social media giant reminded us this this week to watch what you share and protect your passwords. When in worldwide crisis your passwords could mean the difference between spending your time trying to recoup finances and private data that’s been comprised.

The cold truth is that criminals don’t need to use malicious code or advanced hacking skills to get what they want.…

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TEK On The Street: Dark Web. Key Takeaways and Protection.

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