Network Week in Review: There’s something new every day, keep calm and don’t panic.

Just in case you haven’t heard, you may want to delay installing the Windows 10 May feature update, as it has some major issues. Microsoft  issued a Windows 10 update warning for the May 2020 update officially. These include problems with Bluetooth, audio, gaming, connectivity, graphics card drivers and system stability. While the May 2020 update will bring new security upgrades, there are a few concerns.

Windows 10 update failures and hiccups are nothing new. As users complain of blue screens of death, deleted files and reboot loops, let’s really talk about the need to know about these updates.

Microsoft created a page that defines update terminology. Honestly, regardless of the situation, when I step back to take a look at any complaint, I’ve come to realize that you cannot please everyone. That, that is a fact. With billions of users, along with the Microsoft Teams massive increase of daily active users, you are sure to find a variety of user satisfaction. Overall after an update, common complaint issues revolved around Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The big mama issue revolved around complaints of C drive files deletion after a restart. That is definitely a issue and if you are not knowledgeable, you may think you are under a cyber-attack.

Online cyber threats has become the biggest talking point today. A single security breach could lead to data loss, unplanned downtime, and damage to businesses, their client’s, and your personal reputation. Recently ImmuniWeb contributed to the cyber security community a tool to monitor and measure exposure to the DarkWeb. And it’s free. Unfortunately, that tool won’t help us with the Android scare.

In a prior blog post we discussed how technology has helped create options for people to stay connected through less than ideal conditions. These days, you and your team might be working from places you never expected. As a result, many organizations have already started planning to incorporate a continuing remote work model on a more permanent basis. As cyber-attacks continue to increase in volume and in sophistication, many organizations acknowledge that some part of their breach protection must be outsourced, introducing a million-dollar question of what type of service to choose from. Whether your company now has a remote work environment or if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger, we can help…

Everyone should be suspicious of phishing emails, which are usually the next step of cyber-criminals to trick users into giving away further details of their accounts like passwords and banking information. Don’t fall for these scams. Training and testing can help to get most people up to speed quickly to defend against these dangers. No one can predict the future and as technology advances, we all need to stay afloat. Are you future ready?

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CISA (Cyber-security and Infrastructure Security Agency) encourages users and administrators to review the Microsoft Security Advisory and Microsoft Customer Guidance for CVE-2019-0708.